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The personal information that the Darwin Waterfront Corporation is collecting from you is personal information for the purposes of the Information Act (“the Act”). The information may only be made available through this or other relevant Acts and Regulations that may apply.

The intended recipients of the personal information are the Darwin Waterfront Corporation staff and their agents or data service providers.

The supply of information by you is voluntary. If you cannot provide, or do not wish to provide the information sought, the Darwin Waterfront Corporation may not be able to process your application. The Darwin Waterfront Corporation is collecting this personal information from you in order to process your complaint and provide you with feedback.

You may make application for access or amendment to information held by Darwin Waterfront Corporation. The Darwin Waterfront Corporation will consider any such application in accordance with the Act. Enquiries concerning this matter can be addressed to the Manager, Communications and Marketing. The Darwin Waterfront Corporation is to be regarded as the agency that holds the information.

General Information

Request for Investigation of Complaint

· Applicants are to provide sufficient information to enable an investigation to be made.

· If you are making a complaint on behalf of another person, you must submit a written complaint and letter of consent or completed complaint form signed by that person.

· The Darwin Waterfront Corporation on receiving a complaint may advise a complainant to direct the application to another agency and/or refer it on to another agency as appropriate.