Infringement Notices

The Darwin Waterfront Corporation has the power to issue on-the-spot fines, otherwise known as infringement notices for a range of offences which contravene the By-Laws or other relevant legislation. Specifically, the Corporation can issue infringement notices in relation to parking and other traffic regulations, By-Law offences, animal control issues and littering.

Payment of an Infringement Notice

If you receive an on-the-spot fine, or infringement notice, you are required to pay the full amount within 28 days of that notice being issued.  Part payments of an infringement will not be accepted without prior consultation and acceptance by the Darwin Waterfront Corporation.  Any unapproved part payments will be reimbursed, and, the infringement will be dealt with as if no payment was made.

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Non-Payment of an Infringement Notice

If payment in response to an on-the-spot fine, or infringement notice, is not received within the mandatory 28 days of the notice being served, the Corporation will send the alleged offender a courtesy letter, in accordance with the Fines and Penalties (Recovery) Act . This will result in a $35 penalty being added to the original fine.

If the original fine and the $35 penalty is not received within 28 days of the courtesy letter being sent out, the Corporation will pass the infringement notice on to the Northern Territory Government’s Fines Recovery Unit (telephone 1800 111 530) for enforcement action.  If an enforcement order is made, further costs will be added to the amount due.

Appeal an Infringement

In certain circumstances the Corporation may consider withdrawing an infringement that has been issued for a parking offence. The information below details circumstances that may be considered valid for the withdrawal of an infringement once suitable proof has been provided. All statements need to be declared as a Statutory Declaration (appropriately witnessed) and received by the Corporation no later than 28 days after the issue of the infringement notice.

Appeals will not be considered if you received your infringement because:

For more information contact the Corporation directly at or by calling 08 8999 5155 during office hours Monday to Friday.