Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park caters for children between two to eight years of age and provides another offer for parents of young children to enjoy when they come to the Darwin Waterfront.

This is a customised rope playground with boardwalk structures and includes a slide, a rope course, tunnels, a mini climbing wall, a pod swing and a balance trail. The rope games are mounted on undulating shapes; children can slide, climb, crawl and swing their way around the play equipment and experience the feeling of braving the waters of a rough sea.

Situated between the Coffee Club and Trampoline Gelato, it is surrounded by shaded seating and close to nearby businesses and other precinct attractions such as the Recreation Lagoon and Wave Lagoon.

The following playground rules have been established in order for everyone to have fun and stay safe whilst at Waterfront Park:

Adults & guardians are responsible for themselves and their children’s wellbeing at all times and use the playground at own risk. Conditions must be adhered to at all times to avoid contravention of Darwin Waterfront Corporation By-law 70 (3).

Free Wifi is available and this is a breast feeding friendly venue.