Wave Lagoon

The Darwin Waterfront development is a mecca for Territorians and visitors who love Darwin’s harbourside location.

With two swimming lagoons the Wave Lagoon and the Recreation Lagoon, locals and tourists alike can truly embrace an endless summer.


Like all outdoor activities the Wave and Recreation Lagoons are affected by weather.

From October to May wet season storms can pose a danger. Both lagoons will be evacuated if lightning is close by. If thunder is heard within 30 seconds or less after a lightning flash, lifeguards will evacuate both lagoons.

All swimmers and visitors need to leave the water and lagoon areas to seek shelter. The Wave and Recreation Lagoons will be re-opened once the storm has receded and thunder is heard 30 seconds or more after a flash of lightning.

For everyone’s safety listen to the lifeguard for instructions and obey immediately.

Shade is provided at the Wave and Recreation Lagoon and everyone is encouraged to be sun smart by wearing hats, using sun cream and drinking plenty of water – which are available from various retail outlets around the Precinct including the Wave Lagoon kiosk.

People are welcome to bring their own temporary, light-weight shade tents but nothing can be pegged into the ground without prior permission from the Darwin Waterfront Corporation.

Conditions of entry to the Wave Lagoon

Hours of operation – daily, 10am – 6pm. Unauthorised entry to the Wave Lagoon outside of these hours is an offence and the Trespass Act applies.

wave lagoon