Driverless bus trial

The Driverless Bus Trial is a joint project of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and Darwin Waterfront Corporation to realise the commitment of the Northern Territory Government to deploy and explore autonomous vehicle technology. The NTG leased the EZ10 vehicle from Easymile for a trial which concluded on 14 September 2017.

Driverless technology has the potential to change the face of transport and how we connect. The Northern Territory Government has been at the forefront of exploring driverless vehicles from all perspectives including policy, regulation, technology, infrastructure, road safety and importantly community acceptance.

The trial was undertaken over 3 stages to deploy, trial and learn about autonomous vehicle technology, raise people’s awareness regarding driverless vehicles and receive feedback and assess and evaluate the outcomes determined during the trial.

Stage 1 – To trial an open public road environment where demand exists for a transport solution to help ferry visitors between locations for dining, retail, recreation and business.

Stage 2 – To trial a dedicated pedestrian environment within the Waterfront precinct linking the glass observation lifts, Recreation Lagoon beach area and shops.

Stage 3 – To test the vehicle’s capabilities whilst operating for longer distances (2km), incorporating high gradients (Hughes Ave) and medium speed environments.

Quick stats:

Findings of the trial can be found here.