Larrakia sacred site: Stokes Hill

Larrakia history and naming of places within the landscape goes back to the beginning of time.

Stokes Hill was named after Captain John Lort Stokes, one of the officers who in 1839 arrived in the harbour on the HMS Beagle. Stokes named the harbour in honour of Charles Darwin and it is now named Darwin Harbour.

Larrakia were the first people to live in this area and know “Stokes Hill” to have within it a Larrakia spiritual ancestor. This ancestor is known as “Chinute Chinute” and manifests itself from time to time as a Tawny Frog Mouthed Owl.

The hill is a registered sacred site and no work is to take place on it. Please respect this area.

Text by Koolpinyah Barnes 11/05/2009

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