Rates for 2018/2019

Declaration of Rates 2018-2019

The Corporation resolves, pursuant to Section 15 of the Darwin Waterfront Corporation Act (“the Act”), to declare and impose the following rates on land in the Precinct for the financial year ending 30 June 2019, for the funding of municipal services from 1 July 2018:

  1. pursuant to sub-sections 15(3)(a) and (4) of the Act, a rate is imposed on and is payable by all registered owners of land in the Precinct which shall be of the same rate and based on the same method of calculation for rates imposed by the City of Darwin on land in the central business district (CBD) of the municipality of Darwin; and
  2. pursuant to sub-sections 15(3)(b) and (7) of the Act, a further rate is imposed on and is payable by all registered owners of land  in the Precinct, represented by the body corporate, which shall be:                                                                                                      i.for the common property of a plan or scheme, 20% of the sum of the rates imposed under paragraph (1) of this declaration on all the units of the plan or scheme (including any unit in any subsidiary plan or scheme) for that year; any                                               ii. for any other land, 20% of the rate imposed on that land under paragraph (1) of this declaration.

(b). Variations to those options for payment will be administered according to the conditions specified on Rates Notices.

(c). A ratepayer who fails to abide by such conditions may be subject to legal action for recovery of the amount of the rates and charges.

A Shields

Chief Executive Officer

Payment options

By phone: 1300 276 468 (1300 BPOINT)
MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Diners, 24 hours 7 days per week
Refer to your Biller Code and Account Number reference on your Rate Notice.

By mail:
Attach your cheque to the tearoff slip provided on your Rate Notice and post to
Darwin Waterfront Rates
GPO Box 76
Darwin NT 0801

Direct Credit:
Contact the Rates Section on 08 89300 552 for remittance details.

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