Recreation Lagoon temporarily closed to swimmers

1 February 2019

The Darwin Waterfront’s Recreation Lagoon and beach area has been temporarily closed to swimmers due to recent weather conditions.

Whilst undertaking regular water quality monitoring the Corporation has identified a decline in the water quality in the lagoon.

The recent overcast conditions and rain activity is likely to have had an impact on the water quality.

The Corporation will continue to undertake testing and monitor conditions in the Recreation Lagoon to ensure it can be reopened to users once the water quality has returned to a high standard.

The Darwin Waterfront Corporation is committed to maintaining the highest environmental practices to protect the users of the lagoon and the marine environment.

Regular tests are undertaken in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council Standards and Department of Health Guidelines.

The Recreation Lagoon’s flushing system continuously pumps fresh sea water resulting in the water being turned over approximately every seven days which will help to improve water quality quickly.

The public will be advised when the Recreation Lagoon is reopened. Until then please heed all signs while ongoing testing is undertaken.

The Wave Lagoon remains open every day from 10am to 6pm, and standard entry fees apply.

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Media contact: Chloe Koukouvas, Senior Events Coordinator 0457 964 832