Recreation Lagoon reopens for swimming

23 December 2016

The Darwin Waterfront Recreation Lagoon and beach area is now reopened for swimming.

Water quality tests received by the Corporation today have revealed the Recreation Lagoon’s water has again returned to a high level of water quality, making it safe for swimming.

“The recent heavy rains, coupled with dense cloud cover, over the last few days saw a short change of the water quality in the Recreation Lagoon,” General Manager, Darwin Waterfront Corporation, Samuel Burke said.

“Safety is number one, and after receiving one test which indicated elevated levels we decided to close the lagoon as a precautionary measure.”

“It’s pleasing to note that the results received today indicate a high level of water quality, which is what we’re used to seeing here at the Darwin Waterfront.”

“The Corporation will continue to test the lagoon regularly, but we’re very pleased to be able to be open over the Christmas weekend.”

“The parklands provide an ideal spot to relax and spend time with family and friends over the Christmas period, and we encourage people to come down and make the most of any break we may get from the wet weather.”

The Corporation takes the issue of water quality very seriously, and has in place various management strategies for ensuring the water quality is maintained at a high standard.

Regular tests are undertaken in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council Standards and Department of Health Guidelines.

The Recreation Lagoon flushing system continuously pumps fresh sea water resulting in the water being turned over approximately every seven days which has helped to improve water quality quickly. 

In the event of extreme rainfall over the Christmas weekend, the Recreation Lagoon may have to be closed again, however weather forecasts see this as unlikely.    

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